Colade & Company is a consultancy specialising in Design and Digital Experience.

The consultancy was created by designer Emmanuel Kolade to help organisations realise the strategic value of design, and reap the benefits that can be made possible only through a human-centred approach to developing services and digital products.

We Do.

Service Design

Creating connected, continuous and consistent touchpoints between people and your brand.

Digital Product Design

Crafting user-centred products that deliver from form to function, and utility to delight.

Design Advisory

We work with you to understand your business and challenges so that we can offer advice ranging from tactical design recommendations to formulating design visions for the future.

Design Research

Got a handful of innovative high level ideas, but not sure which or whether to build? Let's refine, hypothesise and test those early before you fully commit to build.

Design Cultures

Your organisation is learning to embrace innovation as business-as-usual. Ideas, innovation and design are inextricably linked. We help design programmes and cultures that breed design thinkers across your organisation.


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